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We combine tried-and-tested functional programming techniques with industry-leading data visualisation expertise to give you a lasting solution.
We are experts in functional programming and data visualisation. With Luna, Haskell, and Scala, you can depend on your software - and the insights it gives you.
Marketing automation software can feel clumsy and restraining. All of our solutions come with an interactive, visual editor, giving you the flexibility of programming, without the hassle. Change the way you interact with your customers by bringing together all of your data, and seeing results, in real-time.
Get to the data, quicker. We build solutions using Enso, a powerful visual data processing platform. With a visual editor, analysts can build upon and modify the system without training in programming languages or software development.
With an interactive data visualisation, your analysts can dig deep into the data. No more sending the software back to the developers for changes to the model, or parameters. Insights can be instantaneous, with developers and analysts modifying the same code base.
We can bring all of your devices, services, and systems together in one place, with interactive configuration and management. Get real-time updates from your sensors, and immediately see the results, visualised.
Interactive data workflows from the team behind Luna. We’re experts in visual programming tools, bringing visual development to novel industries. Luna is built by contributors to cutting-edge functional programming languages, such as Haskell, Agda, Idris, and Rust.You’ll get a flexible and long lasting solution - made possible by the combination of Luna, our visual, interactive data science toolkit, and our expertise building custom solutions for challenging workflows.
Alior Bank had the pleasure of working with the developers
behind Luna on a proof of concept project. After reviewing the estimations, we realized that working with the Luna team resulted in extraordinary effects: a 4X savings on development, with a 3X shorter delivery timeline.
Lucyna Szaszkiewicz FinTech Strategy Manager
Meet the Team We're happy to have such talents on the board!
Wojciech Danilo CEO
Paweł CFO
Michał Project Management
Marek Business Development
Joe Support & Community
Patryk Cloud Team
Adam Project Management
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